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Kiff Kafe: One of the best kept secrets in LA. A coffee shop with a hidden patio and French flair.

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

What do you love the most about stopping at a coffee shop for a delicious drink? Is it savoring a cappuccino before work, and starting your day on a high note? Or is it the great space to enjoy your friends' company, while sipping an iced oat milk latte or matcha, on a Saturday afternoon?

We’ve heard countless stories from clients, and shared laughs with them, over their adventures trying to foam milk and play ‘barista’ at home, so they can try having the same comforting sensation they get taking that first sip and smelling the rich aroma, while ensconced in a comfortable table at Kiff Kafe... Some have had small successes in recreating our drinks, but they still yearned for the chic, relaxed european atmosphere... and some failed miserably, realizing that it takes love, a lot of practice, and even artistry to serve the perfect cup of coffee. At Kiff Kafe, we delight in serving espressos, americanos, lattes, flat whites, cortados, freddo espressos and cappuccinos, macchiatos, drip coffees, cold brews, matcha imperial lattes and mochas! It’s like stepping right off of Pico Boulevard, onto Blvd. Montparnasse in Paris.

Speaking of a uniquely special atmosphere. . . What if we told you that we have a secret outdoor patio? How excited would you be? It’s the perfect hidden gem for local artists and neighbors to get inspired, gather for lunch meetings in a French bistro-style environment, or swing by for a fun afternoon date. We also welcome your furry friends to stop by to cool down from the Summer heat by enjoying a cool drink of water! Everyone is welcome to enjoy something from our extensive menu of coffees, teas, and decadent French tartines and salads.

For non Francophones: What are tartines, you may ask? Think open sandwich, with a French flair. It can be sweet or savory. Among the savory selections, we offer: La Bayonne Ham tartine, L’Avocado tartine, La Smoked Salmon tartine and a Mediterranean White bean & Farmer’s Market Heirloom Tomato. On the sweeter side, we have the Ricotta Greek Honey (pictured below) and the Banana Almond Butter tartine. All treats are delicious and are baked fresh in our kitchen!

We have another secret for you: we also serve the best wine in Los Angeles! Yes, you heard correctly, we’re a coffee shop AND a wine shop. Now that sounds like the ideal spot for an afternoon date, mais non? Our wine selection includes reds, whites and rosés -- mostly from France, bien sûr. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in Bordeaux. . . feel the sun warming your skin through the olive tree branches, hear the lively French chattering in the distance... doesn’t it just sound divine? A visit to nearby Kiff Kafe will give you that experience, minus the costly hotel and plane tickets.

So do you Kiff*?

* French slang for a small but potent pleasure.



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