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Add Some Buzz to Your Bites – We’re Now Serving Our Newly Added Wine List at Kiff Kafe!

The word has gotten out: Kiff Kafe is THE spot on LA’s West side to secure the city’s best java. Cappuccinos, cortados, macchiatos, and even matcha lattes and lemonades as well as smoothies from our cozy French café’s menu have been lauded by our beloved Los Angeles neighbors, from restaurant reviewers and foodies alike!

With such fanfare, we have all been eagerly awaiting the introduction of our wine list, and we can’t wait to share these amazing varietals with our wonderful customers. The wines we’ve selected accompany our authentic and refreshing twists on favorite French dishes so nicely, we’re sure that you will want to try them all.

Our Kiff Kafe team has developed a thoughtfully curated list of wines for you!

We have fortunately secured a pleasing roster of tantalizingly unique wines to fill out this debut wine list. Each wine was selected with Sommelier-like precision, to compliment Kiff Kafe’s lunch and dinner offerings, or to stand alone quite nicely, for customers seeking to stop in for just a glass, or an aperitif.

Our team developed a thoughtfully curated list that offers a pleasing variety of rose and several varieties of whites and reds, to satisfy just about any customer’s tastes! (a feat sorely neglected in even some of the top dining meccas lately). The wines on offer are of course very French, in all the best ways. Here we visit just a handful of the many new additions, which can be seen on our Kiff Kafe online menu.

AOP BROUILLY La Pente 2019 – 100% Gamay.

HVE & organically farmed at Domaine Perroud vineyards in the Beaujolais region.

Aged in oak barrels. winemaker: Robert Perroud.

LARGE SOIF! BLANC 2019 – 80/20 Chenin/Chardonnay PDO (AOC) Anjou Blanc.

Certified biodynamic and organically farmed at Terra Vita Vineyard in the Loire region.

Matured for 14 months in stainless steel vats. This wine is produced by a family-run vintner with minimal SO2 added, and native yeast exclusively used in the winemaking process.

TERRASSES DU LARCZAC NICOT - L’INDIGENE – 60% Syrah / 25% Grenache / 15% Carignan.

Farmed grapes grown in limestone-clay soil at the Terrasses Du Larczac Vineyards in the cooler Languedoc region northwest of Montpellier, then manually harvested and vinified in individual plots.

The Syrah and Grenache are steel aged for 18-24 months, and the Carignan matures in oak barrels for 12 months. Unfiltered. Biodynamic structure with wild berry aromas and sharp mouth feel. Moreish, soft and enticing end palate.

Le Trouble Fait 2020 – 100% Muscat.

Produced by Vigneron Marc Barriot, and grown with biodynamic methods and minimal sulfur, from the Roussillon region.

This distinctive blend is made with muscat (and a little direct press Merlot) and sees 2 weeks of skin contact, giving this “orange wine” a unique texture and profile.

Floral accented notes of orange rind and roasted pear.

Feeling thirsty yet? Stop by Kiff Kafe today!


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